Manufacturing has been around for a long time, from hand production to automated machinery. Regardless of the method, it has undoubtedly improved and continues to improve our quality of life. With advancements in technology, we have witnessed accelerated production and expansion in breadth of goods from items of need to those of want. This convenience is at the expense of the environment, and unfortunately, we have already begun to witness the detrimental side effects of this. Ironically, this ends up impacting our quality of life as we face depletion of resources and a deterioration of habitable land.

The question today is how do we make manufacturing sustainable? There are many approaches with no one-size-fits-all solution. To further complicate the matter, the process of manufacturing is deeply intertwined in many societal factors. Despite the difficulty, all is not doomed. There are valiant efforts made in current manufacture to develop and implement sustainable methods, utilizing science to neutralize or counteract by-products of manufacturing and cultivating green mindfulness in future innovations.

In the cover of this issue, we depict the bridging of manufacturing and sustainability. Manufacturing is represented by the automated assembly lines. Sustainability efforts can be seen in various stages of the assembly line, from the green colouration of the lightbulb to the insertion of a green sprout in the lightbulb. There are two layers to this design – one being the physical integration of green efforts in manufacturing and second being the green idea generation represented by the lightbulbs. Though canonically observed as two opposing forces, both manufacturing and sustainability are represented harmoniously in the cover, offering the outlook that integration of both is not far from the future.

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