IMMpress Magazine is a student-led magazine for students, faculty, and alumni that highlights the accomplishments of faculty and students within the Department of Immunology and promotes the open discussion of news, issues, and topics relevant to science and student life.

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The IMMpress Magazine Team (Volume 9 Issue 3)
We are indebted to the invaluable contributions of our team members, who generously donate their time, effort and talents to making this magazine possible.

Chief Editors:

Philip Barbulescu and Louis Ngai

Design Director:

Kitty Liu

Multimedia Director:

Sarah Colpitts

Social Media Coordinator:

Salma Sheikh-Mohamed

Seniors Editors:

Philip Barbulescu
Sarah Colpitts
Baweleta Isho
Martin Mak
Louis Ngai
James Pollock
Salma Sheikh-Mohamed
Siu Ling Tai
Karen Yeung

Design Assistants:

Philip Barbulescu
Cadia Chan
Lauren Fernandez
Baweleta Isho
Meggie Kuypers
Louis Ngai
Nasana Vaidya
Stephanie Wong
Karen Yeung
Michelle Zuo

Content Contributors:

Sarah Colpitts
Manjula Kamath
Meghan Kates
Faustina Lau
Gavin Li
Melissa Liu
Robyn Loves
James Pollock
Claudia Ritzker
Saif Rjaibi
Salma Sheikh-Mohamed
Deeva Uthayakumar
Stephanie Wong
Karen Yeung
Tianning Yu
Daniel Zangrando
Michelle Zuo

Cover Illustration and Design:

Kitty Liu

Past Contributors:

Simon Eng
Angela Zhang
Dennis Lee
Heather McGregor
Stanley Zhou
Eleanor Fish
Milica Tanic
Leesa Pennell
Inessa Stanishevskaya
Joshua Moreau
Ben Wang
Michael Le
Mayra Cruz Tleugabulova
Mauricio Medrano
Yi-Min Chun
Ashleigh Goethel
Sergey Yegorov
Patrycja Thompson
Jelena Borovac
Joy Qu
Naveen Devasagayam
Angela Zhang
Brett Shannon
Kimberly Lifeso
Joseph Manion
Charles Maisonneuve
Payam Zarin
Polly Karpazis
Blerta Green
Magar Ghazarian
Rui Hu
Oscar Aguilar
Nichole Escalante
A. Student
Melanie Zimmerman
Kate Buckley
Juan Carlos Zúñiga-Pflücker
Yoojin Choi
Mark Gower
Catherine Schrankel
Elisabeth Foerster
Tinxi (Tim) Guo
Ellinore Doroshenko
Dario Ferri
Lisa Hung
Alicia Kilfoy
Evelyn Lam
Sharon Ling
Kieran Manion
Sintia Xhiku
Spencer Zeng
Pailin Chiaranunt
Albert Nguyen
Angela Zhou

Founders: Yuriy Baglaenko and Charles Tran

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