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Volume 9 Issue 1

Volume 8 Issue 3

Volume 8 Issue 2

Volume 8 Issue 1

Volume 8 Issue 1

“It’s Hot, and no… It’s not Just You” designed by Louis Ngai.

“Change Comes from Everyone” designed by Anthony Zhao.

“Climate Changes Our Health” designed by Kenneth Ting.

“The Existential Dread of Climate Change” designed by Carolina de Amat.

“Beyond Meat: Beyond Harmful Impacts?” designed by Carolina de Amat.

“Social Psychology & Climate Change” designed by James An.

“Alumni Interview: Dr. Anh Tran” designed by Carolina de Amat.

“Greta Thunberg and Climate Change” designed by Carolina de Amat.

“Mars: A Musk-y Solution” designed by Karen Yeung.

“Recycling Practices & Interventions in Toronto” designed by Pailin Chiaranunt.

“From the Lab to the Polls: Climate Science and Public Policy” designed by Carolina de Amat.

“The Impact of our Carbon ‘Latex Glove’ Print” designed by Philip Barbulescu.

“Advocating for Climate Change Action” designed by Philip Barbulescu.

“Australian Bushfires” designed by Kitty Liu.

“A Changing Landscape” designed by Karen Yeung.

“Privatization of Resources During an Age of Depletion” designed by Louis Ngai.

“Case Report: The Polar Bear Controversy” designed by Meggie Kuypers.

“Turning Back the Clock” designed by Baweleta Isho.

Volume 7 Issue 3

“STEM: An Overview” designed by Meggie Kuypers.

“Q&A on the Importance of Mentorship in Immunology” designed by Carolina de Amat.

“Innovative Teaching Strategies, Online Tools and Experiential Learning” designed by Carolina de Amat.

“Cultivating Scientific Curiosity Starts Early: The Importance of STEM Outreach Initiatives for K-12” designed by Kitty Liu.

“The Advancements and Future of the M.Sc. in Applied Immunology Program” designed by Yoojin Choi.

“Talking Science: An Alumni Interview with Dr. Jen Gommerman” designed by Elisabeth Foerster.

“Comparing Biomedical PhD Programs Across North America & Europe” designed by Carolina de Amat.

“Women as Role Models in Science” designed by Philip Barbulescu.

“When Science Hits the Big Screen” designed by Philip Barbulescu.

“Social Media for Scientist” designed by Helen Wang.

“Lost in Translation: Climate Change & Scientific Literacy” designed by Louis Ngai.

“Fighting Fake News: The Anti-Vaccination Story” designed by Louis Ngai.

“Public (Dis)Trust in Science” designed by Carolina de Amat.

“CAR-T Cell Immunotherapy: The Miracle Child of Science?” designed by Carolina de Amat.

Volume 7 Issue 2

“Clinical Trials 101” designed by Dario Ferri

“The Growing Pains of Medical Innovation” designed by Dario Ferri

“The Business of Antibiotics: An Unprofitable Venture” designed by Louis Ngai

“Biomarkers, the Now and the Future” designed by Carolina De Amat Herbozo

“Managing Patents & Commercialization: an Alumni Interview with Dr. Patrycja Thompson” designed by Dario Ferri

“Trials and Errors: The use of Social Media in Clinical Trials” designed by Dario Ferri

“NASA Twin Study Reveals Effects of Spaceflight on the Human Body” designed by Elisabeth Foerster

“Weighing the Risks: Regulating Pharmaceuticals” designed by Elisabeth Foerster

“The Social & Scientific Intricacies of Effective HIV Prevention” designed by Kieran Manion

“Toronto, the new Silicon Valley?” designed by Louis Ngai

“Orphan Diseases & Drugs” designed by January Jiang & Dario Ferri

“CSI 2019” designed by Dario Ferri

Volume 7 Issue 1

“History of the Human Diet” Designed by Helen Wang & Kieran Manion

“The GEMINI Project: An Update with Dr. Jen Gommerman” Designed by Kieran Manion

“A Gut Feeling” Designed by Carolina De Amat Herbozo

“Emerging Treatments for Food Allergy” Designed by Jennifer Hoang

“Alumni Interview with Dr. Eric Gracey” Designed by Dario Ferri & Kieran Manion

“Supplementary Data” Designed by Kieran Manion

“The Good, The Bad, and The Parasites” Designed by Elisabeth Foerster

“Navigating the Maize of the GMO era” Designed by Anthony Zhao

“Food for Thought Diet Infographic” Designed by Louis Ngai and Kieran Manion

“How Diet Affects Health and the Gut Microbiome” Designed by Kieran Manion

“Targetting Cellular Metabolism in Cancer Therapy” Designed by Carolina De Amat Herbozo

“Working out the Balance” Designed by Emma VanLieshout and Kieran Manion

“Probiotics – Not pros yet” Designed by Dario Ferri

“Inflammatory Bowel Disease & Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome” Designed by Dario Ferri

Volume 6 Issue 3

“Eco-Dystopia” Designed by Dario Ferri & Mengdi Guo

“De-Extinction: Bringing Back the Dead” Designed by Kieran Manion

“The Genome Marketplace” Designed by Anthony Zhao

“CRISPR: More Than Cutting and Pasting” Designed by Kenneth Ting

“Industrial Endeavors: An Interview with Dr. Daniel Chapman” Designed by Lis Foerster

“Show Me the Digital Money: What Cryptocurrency Means for Venezuela’s Economic Future” Designed by Dario Ferri

“The Rise of Artificial Intelligence” Designed by Anthony Zhao

“The Race Against Antibiotic Resistance” Designed by Jennifer Hoang

“Are We Prepared? Assessing Outbreak Preparedness in Canada” Designed by Dario Ferri

“Is Big Brother Really Watching You?” Designed by Yoojin Choi

“Sidewalk Toronto: Redefining City Life” Designed by Yoojin Choi & Dario Ferri

“CSI 2018” Designed by Dario Ferri

“Fighting the Good Fight: Separating Science From Non-Science in the Struggle for Vaccination.” Designed by Kieran Manion

Volume 6 Issue 2

“Buck Up or Get Out: U of T’s new mandatory leave policy sends the wrong message about mental health.” Designed by Kieran Manion.

“The Opioid Crisis.” Designed by Dario Ferri.

“The Ignored Disease: A Modern Tragedy.” Designed by Angela Zhou.

“Canada Gets Lit: The public health campaign against smoking in Canada.” Designed by Kieran Manion.

“Puff or Pass: How marijuana legalization may help manage chronic pain among Canadians.” Designed by Angela Zhou.

“Managing Innovation: An alumni interview with Dr. Gary Chao.” Designed by Yoojin Choi.

“PharmaCosts: Drug Pricing and Access in Canada.” Designed by Elisabeth Foerster.

“Prescribed by DNA: How genetic testing may inform personalized drug regimens.” Designed by Angela Zhou.

“Drug Discovery with Artificial Intelligence.” Designed by Anthony Zhao.

“Not Just Any Other Pill.” Designed by Kieran Manion.

“Tripping Out of Depression: Overcoming mental health disorders with psychedelic drugs.” Designed by Angela Zhou.

“Does Adderall Pass the Test?” Designed by Angela Zhou.

“Understanding Sugar Addiction.” Designed by Dario Ferri.

“Alcohol // Academia.” Designed by Kieran Manion.

Volume 6 Issue 1

“The Telomere Clock.” Designed by Dario Ferri.

“Who Wants to be a Centenarian?” Designed by Angela Zhou.

“Time Flies.” Designed by Angela Zhou.

“Writing a Memoir.” Designed by Angela Zhou.

“It’s Time to Think About Aging.” Designed by Dario Ferri.

“Getting The Job.” Designed by Elisabeth Foerster.

“The 10,000 PhDs Project.” Designed by Angela Zhou.

“To Age or Not to Age?” Designed by Angela Zhou.

“Old as the Hills.” Designed by Angela Zhou.

“Answering the Age-Old Question of How to Stay Forever Young.” Designed by Anthony Zhao.

“The Wonders at Your Feet.” Designed by Kieran Manion.

“The Ticking Clock of Biomachinery.” Designed by Kieran Manion.

“Benchmarking IMMpress: Year 5.” Designed by Kieran Manion.