For the 2015 editorial year, all covers will meld art and science, with each issue encompassing a different era of art, or otherwise highlighting a specific artist.

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Illustrated by Catherine Schrankel & Kieran Manion
Winter 2015- Biotechnology. All elements of the Biotechnology cover are stylized in the vein of Michelangelo’s and Leonardo DaVinci’s drawings, to emphasize that much of what is “new” owes its existence to what is old. The streams of binary code represent the digitization of information and the rise of “big data” in our probing and understanding of the biological world. The binary code transitions to the much more ancient code of DNA. The DNA helix is approached by an S.pyogenes Cas9 protein, representing the CRISPR/Cas9 technology – a recent technological adaptation of the archaic adaptive immune system and conserved genome-editing enzymes found in bacteria.
The helix and Cas9 protein were hand-painted in ink, whereas additional elements were added digitally, highlighting the ever-evolving balance between old and new. Cover illustrated by Catherine Schrankel and Kieran Manion.

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Catherine Schrankel and Kieran Manion

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