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Our inspiration for this issue’s cover was Andy Warhol, pioneer of the pop-art movement. Warhol’s colourful works explore the complex relationships between artistic expression and the roles of advertisement or the celebrity in shaping popular culture and society’s values. In many ways, we felt these themes were mirrored in the content of our Clinical Immunology issue. Here we have Warhol’s iconic soup cans refashioned as prescription pill bottles, highlighting the ever-evolving landscape in which we develop, market, regulate, and consume pharmaceuticals, particularly as we enter the “personalized medicine” era. The repetition of the bottle panels evokes the need for reproducibility and accountability in the science being translated to clinical outcomes. Much like how Warhol revolutionized the art world with the bold styling and message of pop-art, the newest generations of clinician scientists have the opportunity to change Big Pharma and medicine for the better.
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