IMMpress Summer 2013 front cover.
IMMpress Summer 2013 front cover.
The increasing frequency of graduates entering non-academic and non-traditional careers emphasizes the need for adaptability and a diverse skillset in the workforce. Graduates must not only be able to translate their skills to foreign and unrelated fields, but also demonstrate profundity across multiple disciplines. This issue explores some of the issues that students and graduates may face during some transition periods in their academic and non-academic careers.
Illustrated by Yi-Min Chun
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Yi-Min Chun

Yi-Min is a 2nd year Master of Science Biomedical Communications student. Having grown up in an art studio, she loves to mix her love of science and art. She's a global health enthusiast, avid swimmer, youth advocate, and you'll find her often doing a marathon across St. George and Mississauga campus with a coffee in her hand.

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