Co-Editors Kieran Manion (left) and Catherine Schrankel (right).
Co-Editors Kieran Manion (left) and Catherine Schrankel (right).

I entered medicine to use it as a vehicle for social change.”

– Patch Adams

Our theme for this issue is clinical immunology, but it could just as easily be said that this issue deals with the need for (and the inevitable occurrence of) change – change in the way that we train medical researchers, change in the way that we diagnose disease, and change in the way that we make and market pharmaceuticals. All of these examples point towards the singular truth that changes to the practice of medicine (or science for that matter) cannot occur in a void. They involve corresponding changes in clinical research, public policy and government regulation in order for their effects to be felt where they matter most: by the patient.

It is with great sadness that we recognize another change this year, the passing of the wonderful scientist and founder of the Department of Immunology, Dr. Richard Miller. He was a pioneer in T cell tolerance and natural immunity and was passionate about making a department with student training as its top priority. He will be remembered fondly by his many colleagues in the department.

Last but not least, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of the staff, sponsors and readers who have made this magazine possible. It has been a wonderful first year for us as the co-editors of IMMpress and we look forward to continuing this journey in 2016.

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