Congratulations to the team for another stellar issue of the IMMpress Magazine. Public skepticism of science is high at the moment with the recent spotlight on the “irreproducibility crisis” currently afflicting biomedical research. Therefore, this issue’s focus on ethics in science is particularly timely. Themes such as concerns over exploitation, issues with scientific accountability, and the over-regulation of research are explored. Finally, an essay on the use of animals in research gives a personal perspective on finding the balance between scientific discovery and animal well-being.

Other highlights of this issue include a closer look at the Naylor Report, an interview with our very own Dr. Korosh Kianizad and an overview of last spring’s Canadian Society for Immunology meeting in Banff. Finally, I want to congratulate Jonathan Holoff for his excellent paper exploring the public’s current obsession with all things gluten-free; Jonathan was an undergraduate student in our IMM250 course last year who received top marks and was our inaugural winner of the IMMpress Prize for Best ‘Science & Society Paper’. Well done Jonathan!

Thanks again to co-editors Sintia and Angela as well as the rest of the IMMpress team for an awesome job.

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