Without mathematics and civil engineering, the construction of the CN Tower would not have been possible. Similarly, advances in biomedicine have significantly improved our quality of life and longevity, while technological prowess has empowered global business and connectivity. Moreover, epidemiologic data and environmental science are important drivers in the generation of effective and ethical governmental policies. Indeed, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are integrated into our community. As such, science misinformation can bring severe consequences – the measles outbreak is just one of many examples of how this can affect our society. Therefore, the formation of good scientists as well as proper public outreach are needed to develop sustainable communities around the world.

As interpreted from the cover of this issue of IMMpress Magazine, our city, Toronto, is also built on the foundations of science. A composition of different STEM- and education-related elements were used to depict Toronto’s skyline and highlight the importance of science education and outreach in our community. As researchers and educators, we need to go beyond the lab and find a way to reach our society in order to fight against fake news and distrust. The presence of a cellphone in this composition represents the increasing significance of technology, online tools and social media in science communication and teaching strategies.

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