Work to live or live to work can be presented as a personal philosophical question – what is it that we prioritize more? Our livelihood? Or the meaningful work that we do? Are they truly two separate matters? As we exist in a society with people and systems, things are not quite as simple. The question we ask ourselves becomes much more complex, where it is no longer a question of our personal work ethics but what is permissible in today’s society. How much of it is truly in our control? How much of our decision is dictated by our occupations, companies, institutions, and employers? The cover of this issue represents the co-dependent relationship of work and life. They are two parts of a machine, with each gear propelling one another forward. This interconnection can, however, feel like a loop with no clear definition of where it begins and where it ends. Your perspective can change depending on which figure you focus on in the cover, but perhaps the most difficult task is to view this paradox as a whole. Nevertheless, the cover invites you to ponder the question: work to live, or live to work?

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