IMMpress Spring 2014 cover. Medicine in the future may one day be tailored specifically for men and women. Sex-specific differences in immunity, for example, might be accounted for by sex-specific treatments and therapies. Blue and pink, the stereotypical colours currently associated with male and female, are employed to convey the above message, but are also deliberately chosen to highlight our automatic, cultural associations of gender and how this might impact health. Finally, the arrangement of the syringes in an “X” symbolizes the significance of the X chromosome in shaping human biology. Together, these encompass the aspects related to sex and gender on human health. Art direction: Yuriy Baglaenko and Charles Tran. Photography by Charles Tran.
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Yuriy Baglaenko

Founding Editor
Yuriy is a 4th year PhD student studying the suppression of autoimmunity at the University of Toronto. He is an avid musician with an at-home amateur recording studio and a mediocre intramural volleyball player.
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