These go to 11.

That line from This is Spinal Tap says it all, and highlights how IMMpress Magazine did not just go up to 10 Volumes, but when you need highest level of output from our outstanding UofT Immunology graduate students, well, they do not stop at 10, they go to 11.

This issue of IMMpress Magazine examines the timely notion of how the public’s perception of science has changed over the years, and how the work of scientists is appreciated, questioned, and understood by the public. Given how some sectors of the public responded to the remarkable advances made by scientists to address the need for vaccines and treatments during the pandemic, it is clear that better engagement by the scientific community is needed.

The interview with one of our alumni, Dr. Derek Clouthier, offers remarkable insights as to the non-linear way careers in Immunology can develop, and how seemingly unfortunate events can lead to wonderful new opportunities. IMMpress also connects with Mélanie Girard, who is a recent alumna of UofT Immunology, and her entrepreneurial successes further emphasizes the breadth of accomplishments achieved by our alumni. With these stories in mind, I look forward to the upcoming American Association of Immunologist (AAI) meeting, where I will be hosting our first international UofT Immunology alumni event, as we celebrate the many achievements of our Alumni community.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge and thank Philip Barbulescu’s leadership as Co-Editor in Chief for several issues, as he will be stepping down from this position, plus his many years as writer, designer, and editor. I welcome, and look forward to working with, James Pollock, who will take over as the new Co-Editor-in-Chief, serving alongside with Karen Yeung, who continues in her role as a phenomenal Co-Editor in Chief of IMMpress Magazine.

I wish all a wonderful Summer, as you enjoy this issue, and importantly whether you are an alumnus of UofT Immunology, or a prospective student, I really look forward to hearing from you.

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