Dr. Juan Carlos Zúñiga-Pflücker, Chair, Department of Immunology, University of Toronto

As part of our nature, we hunger for nourishment to keep us going, and this latest issue of IMMpress Magazine, which you are about to surely devour, serves up several timely and important aspects of nutrition and metabolism in relation to immune function. This issue of IMMpress also dishes out insightful articles that examine the link between the intestinal microbiome and the brain, the evolution of the human diet, and the effect of parasites on health. There is also a wonderful alumni interview with Dr. Eric Gracey, which will be very helpful to anyone considering a postdoctoral position in Europe.

I would like to congratulate the exceptional IMMpress editorial and production team and contributors for preparing another formidable and satisfying issue. Also, I would like to thank Sintia Teichman, who after this issue is stepping down as co-Editor-in-Chief. During her time at the helm of IMMpress, her editorial skills ensured that this remarkable graduate student-led publication excelled at addressing thought-provoking and meaningful themes, which were brought to life in an artistic and impactful manner. I look forward to welcoming Yoojin Choi, who will join Dario Ferri, as co-Editor-in-Chief of the magazine.

With 2019 well underway, I wanted to thank all members of our Immunology community that helped develop our new Strategic Plan for the Department of Immunology (2019-2023), which will build from our initial plan from 2014, and allow us to continue to innovate and enhance what is already a leading Immunology program. We will be releasing it right after July 1, 2019. At the core of our new plan are a new set of principles that build from the Values that are already in place (Ownership, Excellence, Engagement, Mentorship), which together will support the attainment of success over the next five years. These are:
• Curiosity: about our science, new frontiers, new relationships, new ways of doing things, new ways of thinking.
• Connection: in the Department, across the Faculty of Medicine and the University of Toronto, nationally and internationally. Supporting new ways of connecting such as enhanced mentorship and development.
• Courage: to take on new things, continue to be trailblazers, to be ourselves, to demonstrate ownership and compassion.

I hope you enjoy this issue, and importantly whether you are an alumnus of the department, or a prospective student, I really look forward to hearing from you.

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