In the intricate tapestry of our world, every individual, community, and nation is interwoven into a web of cause and effect where actions and events in one corner of the globe resonate across borders. This interconnectedness is critically highlighted in the global spread of infectious diseases. An outbreak in one part of the world can rapidly cascade into a global health crisis, emphasizing how the well-being of every individual is inextricably linked.

Yet, within this interconnected world lies a positive opportunity. The very same web of cause and effect that magnifies the impact of global challenges also provides the foundation for a collaborative effort to address these challenges. The beauty of interconnectedness lies in the ability to leverage resources globally, tapping into a vast pool of diverse resources. In the context of a pandemic, international research is the cornerstone of curbing the spread of the disease. Efforts across the globe come together to better understand the immunological response to diseases, and this has allowed for novel and effective strategies in tackling the disease.

In this issue of IMMpress, the interconnectedness of international research is visually represented in a chord diagram resembling earth. A chord diagram is commonly used to illustrate the inter-relationships between entities, with each arc bridging from one point to another to demonstrate their connection. As depicted, research does not occur in isolation; it is intricately connected to not only other research nodes, but the broader world. In a way, we are all integral parts of a larger network of effort aimed at creating a better world for everyone.

International efforts and collaboration play an important role in visual art and design. In this issue of IMMpress, our team of diverse talents has created beautiful designs conveying the many layers of international immunology research, with each designer contributing their unique flair and artistic perspective. As we dive into this issue, we would like to thank all of our designers, returning and new, for their incredible contributions. We thank you all for all the creativity and dedication you have poured into your designs.

– Kitty Liu, Design Director

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